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Connection over Coffee... at a wedding

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes it’s just me. Quite often when we do weddings, I am working with Anna and an extensive vendor team. Since joining with Anna, I have loved getting to know so many photographers, florists, videographers, musicians, and others. The vendor team meal is rather enjoyable as we swap stories and enjoy our work. However, sometimes, the bride hires only a planner to work with the venue to create the wedding day…this was my experience a few months ago.

Chris and Porchia were in Germany up until the week before the wedding. I worked with Amanda at the Andaz Savannah to make sure everything would be ready for them. The ceremony was supposed to be on the second-floor veranda, but the visiting storm encouraged us to move the ceremony inside. On the day of the wedding I became part of the family. I decorated the reception and ceremony areas with the bride’s mom and her lovely friend. I tied ribbons on water bottles with the groom’s adorable daughter so that he could go get dressed. She and I had a fun time getting to know each other while tying pretty bows and singing songs. She went to get dressed, and I had to encourage gently the mother of the bride to go get dressed… that I had it covered. As soon as I had the MoB off, the guests started to arrive. I turned on some music in the ceremony room (on my sound system played on Bluetooth through my phone) and hid the extra decorations in the luggage storage space. I greeted guests and the officiant, put the boutonniere on the groom and lit the candles.

The ceremony was casual. The guests were family… all of them… whether by blood or love. The father/daughter dance was precious – the bride and her dad, the groom and his daughter – so beautiful. When the father asked the Lord’s blessing on the couple, thanked the Lord for the food, and asked for a special blessing for all who were there, I felt a part of that. When it was time for me to get my dinner, I ate my meal alone in the bar area of the hotel. The time was not as sad as it sounds. It was a nice, quiet break from my very busy day. I returned to the reception to help the staff and guests in any way that I could.

One nice young man asked me where the coffee station was… I knew because I had frequented the space myself a few times that evening already. I showed him and watched as he poured a cup then proceeded to add quite a bit of cream and sugar to his beverage. I walked over to him and said, “I thought you wanted coffee.”

“I do,” he replied incredulously.

“Well, from the appearance of your cup, I really don’t think you do…”

It took him a second or two to catch my meaning and then he started to laugh. “This IS coffee!”

“No, that’s dessert!” I replied.

He laughed some more and we enjoyed the moment in which I coffee shamed him. I have been told by my friends that they use an abundance of cream and sugar in their coffee because they love themselves and that I can drink my bean juice alone. I shared that with him, and we laughed again.

Later in the evening as the guests were leaving, the young man saw me, said good night and told his family about our coffee encounter on the way out the door.

I helped clean up, packed up my sound system, gave the bride and groom my very best wishes, and headed to the valet – since the sound system is too large for me to carry to my car on my own. It was a long day, but I was happy to be able to do what I could to allow the bride, groom, and their family enjoy the day while taking care of the background details. A lovely couple began their new life together, and I was blessed to be a part of their very special day.

Congratulations, Porchia and Chris! I will never forget you!

- Renee

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